Thursday, March 03, 2005

Snowy day

I'm still busy with the cartoons for France Gallop, so I haven't been writing. My time travel book came out with Loose Id, it's a Highland Fling! After drawing for two days straight my hands really started to ache, so I took a break this afternoon and went for a long walk in the snow.

It was very nice - we went through the forest on an old trail that winds up around the village. We also had a snowball fight, and I ended up with snow down my neck! (don't you Hate that?)

Then I surfed for a bit on my sites and lists, and read some of the latest EC and Loose Id releases (I love e-books - instant gratification!) I stayed up too late reading though and aside my aching hands, my eyes are tired! LOL - that's what I get for reading too much!

It's supposed to snow some more tomorrow, and I hope it does. I'm so tired of the rain.


Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Sam, what part of UK are you in to still be getting snow? Our sun has returned and downtown today there were more blossoming trees. It was warm enough to wear my tweed suit jacket. I do believe Spring has Sprung on the West Coast!

Anonymous said...

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